June 2, 2023

Woman Finds Big Pink Feather In Her Yard And Can’t Believe Who It Belongs To

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Mary Goldsmith was in her yard in Port Aransas, Texas, one day when she suddenly found herself watching in wonder as a large pink feather floated down from the sky. She had just moved to the area and was very confused. What kind of bird could have possibly dropped that?

She immediately went inside to do some research, and that’s when she first learned about the roseate spoonbill.

roseate spoonbill

“I was in awe the first time I saw one in person,” Goldsmith told The Dodo. “Not only is it large and pink, but also has a green [spoon-shaped bill] which it swings back and forth in the water to trap food. It is a very unusual bird.”

Goldsmith has seen these weird, magnificent birds many times since — especially as they are actually the official bird of Port Aransas. She didn’t think they had any surprises left to show her until she saw one who shocked her all over again while visiting the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center.

roseate spoonbill

“This particular bird was one of the most vibrant I have seen,” Goldsmith said. “During breeding season, the roseate spoonbill’s feathers become a deeper pink with accents of orange and yellow. This bird was on fire with breeding colors!”

roseate spoonbill

Goldsmith watched the bird closely — then realized he was watching her, too.

“It stood right in front of me going through different poses and seemed to respond to the click of the camera,” Goldsmith said.

roseate spoonbill

The bird seemed to know that he was a sight to see, and had a blast striking pose after pose. As a photographer, Goldsmith loved that he was humoring her, and she humored him right back.

Despite seeing roseate spoonbills all the time, Goldsmith was definitely amazed by this particular one and can’t wait to see what other surprises the birds have in store for her.

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