June 2, 2023

Top shooting games with diverse gameplay

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Top shooting games with diverse gameplay

Top shooting games with diverse gameplay

1/ Battle Stars

In the game Battle Stars players will create a team with friends and other players to battle teams around the globe. The game is designed in a lovely, fun graphic style with bright colors.

Besides, the control mechanism in the game is also extremely simple and intuitive. Your task is to choose the character according to your playing style. Then come up with different team combination tactics such as hit and run or direct confrontation to gain an advantage or turn the situation around depending on each situation unfolding in the arena.

To gain the upper hand in each match, players must have a wise start in weapon selection. Players can also use the Voice Chat function to discuss tactics with teammates to support each other in time and become the Champion in battles.

2/ CRSED: Cuisine Royale

CRSED: Cuisine Royale is a shooter with a variety of weapons from melee weapons, firearms and even magical rituals or supernatural powers. Before entering the match, players will be able to choose a character they like, these characters all possess spectacular superpowers such as slowing down time or turning into monsters, etc.

During the battle and development in the game CRSED: Cuisine Royale, the number of weapons will constantly increase. The weapons are extremely meticulously designed and simulated almost like the real version. Players will be delighted to have hands on classic weapons of the twentieth century such as the Mosina rifle or the MG-42 machine gun and a collection of other modern machine guns. Accompanied by battle armor to help you survive longer on the battlefield.

CRSED: Cuisine Royale also has an in-depth customization system that allows players to craft and learn seals, rituals, costumes, masks, gestures, minions, etc. blood and perform ancient rituals, throwing hexagonal bags at enemies. There are many ways to win the battle but first, it is necessary to collect the sinner’s soul by killing the enemy, that is the only way to pay the price of using magic.

3/ Death Chain: Zombie FPS

Death Chain: Zombie FPS – With the “auto-fire” mechanism, it will partly help players who are exposed to the FPS genre for the first time can easily adapt and master the game quickly. On the left will be a navigation button to move, on the right will be a combination of: throwing grenades, changing bullets and dodging attacks. If you are a highly skilled player, you can customize the “manual shot” mode in the Settings section.

Death Chain: Zombie FPS – In the game you will pass each stage in turn with each gate will be millions of zombies waiting. The player only has 1 life with 50 HP at the beginning to pass the stage and if you die, you will have to start from the beginning. Killing zombies will have a chance of dropping blood bags to help you recover. After death, you will receive summative rewards including: EXP, equipment, equipment enhancement coins (armor, hat, shoes, bag, grenade, gun).

Death Chain: Zombie FPS – With a diverse arsenal of weapons that you can choose from such as: Rifles, machine guns, shotguns, pistols… You should also not ignore equipment such as armor, shoes, bags, etc. hats, grenades… These equipment will increase the damage and HP of the character to make you much stronger. In addition, you can also level up, increase them to be ready to face the obstacles ahead.

4/ Vortex 9 

Vortex 9 is a game with unique 3D graphics, with bright colors Set in the not-too-distant future, players can not only enjoy sci-fi scenes, but also have the opportunity to experience scenes created based on the characteristics of the human world. It is a busy port with a series of strange equipment or abandoned scrap yards…

The game also allows players to approach their exciting matches with more than 08 different characters. Each person will have their own images, from young men and women to fat and thin as well as their own unique costumes and weapons.

In particular, each character will also have a separate set of skills to help players enjoy the maximum appeal of the game. The fast-paced, third-person shooter gameplay is the highlight of Vortex 9. Players will both easily get used to the game’s combat mechanics and can show off their superior skills with other players. godly headshot or melancholy 1vs3 phases.

5/ Sniper Of Duty

The basic gameplay of the Sniper Of Duty game is sniper shooting in the first person perspective. You will play as a sniper who receives mysterious missions to eliminate evil in the city, protect the weak. Along with that, the game also has a combination with many other mechanisms to increase diversity and richness. One of the mechanisms is that each Spy will have a unique ability such as healing, scanning the map, placing a shield or summoning a machine gun. Combining many different mechanisms in one game helps Sniper Of Duty dispel the common feeling of boredom.

Game Sniper Of Duty has many modes 4vs4 or 5vs5 including team battle: Team Battle, Capture the point, Headhunt and solo. Activities draw players into the vortex of unequal gun battles. The seemingly impossible assassination missions become simple when gamers own the ultimate weapons. Each game mode will give you many interesting experiences, but in general, in any mode, skill is what will determine your victory. 

6/ Hazmob FPS: Online PVP Shooter

Hazmob FPS: Online PVP Shooter has 8 maps to get the best FPS shooting experience ever. Besides, there are diverse game modes for players to challenge themselves such as: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, self-made map/rules mode, Campaign mode and AWP Maps for gamers who like to shoot trim.

In Hazmob FPS: Online PVP Shooter, players will be able to choose from a variety of guns Glock 18, USP Strategic, P228, Desert Eagle.50 AE, FN Five-seekN, Dual 96G Elite Berettas, MAC10, TMP, MP5 navy, UMP , P90, Galil, FAMAS, AK47, M4A1, SG-552, AUG, M249-SAW, Scout, G3/SG-1, SG-550 commando, AWP. Not to mention you can also customize your weapons and use unique skins to express your own personality.

With an intuitive, flexible control system, suitable for mobile and tablet gameplay, players easily immerse themselves in the match and present themselves as a no-nonsense shooter. The strength of this game also lies in the diverse and realistic scenarios, plus a fair gameplay with no upgrade system for guns, you completely rely on your strength to win the dramatic battle. this count.

7/ Relic Strike 

Relic Strike focuses on treasure-filled dungeon challenges, thanks to the roguelike element, the challenges are extremely thrilling, always bringing many surprises, requiring players to react quickly to any situation. Even the most demanding gamer will be immersed in these colorful challenges.

With a simple control system, which can be played with just one hand, players will control the character to conquer the dungeons. In the process, Relic Strike players will gradually increase in strength thanks to the skills they receive randomly as they level up. You can also use special attacks specific to each character when the energy bar is full just by double tapping on the screen.

Relic Strike is also suitable for many players, even those who do not have much time. Because even when you are not online, the rewards will be accumulated and you will receive a large amount of materials when you log back into the game.

8/ Protectors: Shooter Legends

In Protectors: Shooter Legends, players will have to clash with other players in an endless gun battle. You’ll choose weapons and a unique hero to show off your third-person shooter abilities across a variety of maps. Players also have to know how to apply tactics, use different firepower to achieve optimal efficiency on the battlefield.

The game is designed with 3D graphics with crazy effects, vivid sounds that make you completely immersed in the tense competitive atmosphere, every hour and every minute is extremely dramatic, can’t take your eyes off.

In particular, with a compelling storyline and smart leadership, players will experience an extremely unique and engaging TPS shooter. There is a fantasy future world where humans reach extreme levels of scientific proficiency.

9/ Mutant Squad Battle Arena

Mutant Squad Battle Arena combines shooting, action and strategy elements into the MOBA genre offering exciting new challenges. It sounds complicated, but this game is really not difficult, on the contrary, it is easy to inspire passion for game enthusiasts, especially related genres.

Participating in the Mutant Squad Battle Arena, players will have to choose heroes with mutant superpowers in M-city and combine into a 5v5 team with other players to dominate head-to-head matches. .

Each match in the game lasts only 5 minutes and follows the rules of the classic MOBA. Players will not feel bored or tired because the match will not last as long as professional MOBA games. However, tactical factors, especially teamwork, are still the key to winning.

10/ Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D is a shooting mobile game full of stimulating, lifelike feelings taking place in front of the player’s eyes. Participating in Sniper 3D, players will be a new generation sniper, ready to participate in dangerous attacks, silent assassin missions. With a modern arsenal, fully equipped, and deadly weapons for players to choose from, players will experience more than 60 missions to destroy enemies.

With spectacular 3D graphics, players can admire the best gunfight arena in the world with 6 epic battle locations, realistic in every aspect, specially invested in every detail, making players can seem to feel the heat of the battlefield on their skin. With realistic physical effects, players will feel many emotions of suspense and tension, experiencing situations that require agile handling and good reflexes.

The task that Sniper 3D gives players does not stop at performing tasks or destroying a few messy Bots. But the real challenge lies in the PVP mode, challenging against archers from all over the world. Besides, there are daily activities such as unlocking and upgrading modern equipment, mastering rifles, ammunition, camouflage, gears, .. to pursue a passionate sniper career. .

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