June 3, 2023

Top 7 newly launched online games with absolute score at first sight

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Top 7 newly launched online games with absolute score at first sight

Top 7 newly launched online games with absolute score at first sight

People Play Three Kingdoms Funtap does not own 3D graphics, but the design style of creating an infinite shape for the purpose of bringing laughter to everyone has impressed Vietnamese gamers at first sight. With more than 150+ carefully crafted generals and 400+ unpredictable virtual transformation skills, spoiled for choice for players. On seemingly fierce battlefields, the special appearance is ready to joke on all fronts, making every moment of playing the game comfortable, fun, and full of laughter.

Although it is funny, the Three Kingdoms Funtap still ensures in-depth tactics. Players can change the squad according to the strength of each general, activate the general, increase the stars, evolve to increase the strength of the battle, easily master the game. Another special feature is the flexibility to change gender. If players are feeling that reality is too boring, this game will help you get new feelings.


Great Sword Ancient Phong Mobile

Excellent Sword Co Phong Mobile is designed on the art style of Co Phong with the most popular graphic style today. Extremely well-invested, at first sight, players have felt their own character when customizing the character from head to toe.

Players will be able to design their own aesthetic character from hair, face, makeup, jewelry, shirt, fashion, etc. Not to mention, also meticulously adjust every smallest detail like taste. Eye position, eye angle, pupil color, eye movement, etc. make the character not only have a unique beauty but also extremely true and vivid, full of spirit.

Holding IP Son Hai Kinh, the online game Absolute Sword Co Phong Mobile perfectly reproduces famous ancient legends, describing the beauty of Chinese geography, culture and mythology before the Qin Dynasty according to a most attractive method.


Phoenix Cam Tu Funtap

Phuong Hoang Cam Tu Funtap focuses mainly on fashion proms. You will temporarily forget about the stressful battles, instead, you can prepare your own costumes with many unique features such as changing clothes colors, upgrading fashion, designing costumes to your liking, …. This is a game for fashion and beauty enthusiasts who constantly bring new experiences

Moreover, although the game Phuong Hoang Cam Tu Mobile Funtap was in ancient times, it owned hundreds of thousands of costumes and many different styles with many trends from ancient to modern. Accompanied by thousands of different accessories to help you freely design, choose, and coordinate. Not only encapsulated in royal costumes, elegant and noble outfits, but also breaking with western and liberal dresses and modern dresses, … varied with designs such as: a true fashion star.


King of Gods VTC

Ngu Than Su VTC is designed by 3D graphics with the colors of Yin and Yang, bringing players into a fantasy mythical world with a touching plot and classic characters such as Hua Tien, Bach Xa, Hau Nghe, Hang. Nga, Rabbit Ngoc, Kim O,…

Not only has beautiful and vivid graphics, each scene is breathed to bring its own emotions, this 3D MMORPG also owns a system of beasts, fashion, … everyone wants to be collected. . With hundreds of monsters, giant Bosses, flying dragons, colorful phoenixes and other summoned beasts transformed into mounts. Players can freely travel from the ground to the sky, face many demons, recruit lovely companions,


Jiu Yin Zhen Jing Mobile

Jiu Yin Chan Kinh Mobile GOSU opens up a world of martial arts where players must be admired by the top-notch graphics quality from meticulous character creation, sharp in detail to vast, majestic space full of swords. The set is built in the game, prompting the martial arts to step in to explore.

Surely the feeling of loss, freedom and freedom when walking in the Gypsy and claiming to be the king of martial arts are the things that any martial artist wants to convey when choosing to play a certain swordplay game. The masterpiece Nine Yin Chan Kinh Mobile promises not to disappoint gamers who love the swordplay series when it continues the successes from the PC version to recreate the most vivid and realistic martial arts world from the past. Previously on Mobile platform.

This masterpiece of swordplay is also the only online mobile game on the market that allows gamers to perform extreme movements such as climbing walls, kicking water, etc. A complete picture of the martial arts quintessence is depicted in the original. Kim Dung’s martial arts action will be more attractive than ever in Nine Yin Chan Kinh Mobile.


Sparkling Star

Sparkling Star Mobile not only has a romantic and mysterious storyline that makes players get caught up in every detail. You will have to interact constantly, send text messages with guys, handle situations that come up. Besides, players can also collect hundreds of beautiful costumes of all styles: exotic, traditional, formal, etc. You will be able to customize your appearance every day to always be beautiful and stand out.

With beautiful 3D graphics, character creation full of beautiful boys and girls, love stories engraved with heart, characters are well-voiced in Vietnamese, the online game Sparkling Star promises to bring experiences. Experience sublimated emotions, helping you feel the feeling of becoming the main character of a love story.


Ancient Sword Ky Dam Online

Ancient Sword Ky Dam Online is highly appreciated when the game is focused on investing a lot in the plot like an offline game. Similarly, the game’s graphics quality is also impeccable when it is rated as one of the most beautiful fairy games in China right now.

The game is developed by Aurogon (NSX is famous for 3 parts of the offline game Co Kiem Ky Dam on Steam) with Engine Vision technology platform. The game has an installed capacity of up to 80GB, on par with current AAA offline games and of course its graphics quality is not inferior to other super products.

Players immediately realize this at the first step when participating in the world of Ancient Sword Ky Dam Online – character creation. In this part, each player can freely customize to create for themselves a character with any appearance: according to their own personality, preferences or simulating a certain famous character. The online game Co Kiem Ky Dam also builds a very realistic first half world as we have seen when watching movies even though this is just a game. The plants, flowers, or animals are designed in high detail and are shown in a variety of ways depending on the area and environment.

Not only that, Co Kiem Ky Dam Online also creates an even better experience for players in the cutscene scenes built using CGI simulation technology during missions. The game will satisfy players in the visual stage from creating characters, exploring the first half world, fighting screens from hand to hand to large-scale.

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