March 21, 2023

Top 5 mobile games similar to Test Drive racing games can be entertained in the meantime

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Top 5 mobile games similar to Test Drive racing games can be entertained in the meantime

Top 5 mobile games similar to Test Drive racing games can be entertained in the meantime

Created by Gameloft SE, Asphalt Nitro is a fast-paced street racing game that was first released in 2015. This game introduces a lot of luxury cars like different Ferrari models that the player will can drive along very beautiful environments. There are also many songs based on real locations in countries around the world, including Brazil and China.

There are more than eight game modes for Asphalt Nitro 2 players to choose from, including one where the objective is to run away from the police. There’s also Nitro for a quick and powerful boost.

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CSR Racing 2

Originally released in 2016 by Natural Motion Games Ltd., CSR Racing 2 quickly became one of the most successful racing games on mobile. Although the name has the number two next to the name, it is the third game in the series.

Focusing on drag racing through the streets, players will be able to rip through cities around the world. There is a wide variety of vehicles for the player to choose from with over 100 different licensed vehicles to drive. Besides, the racing car list is updated regularly and in 2022 there are the best cars for CSR 2.

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One of the newer games, #DRIVE was launched by Pixel Perfect Dude SA in 2019. #DRIVE is inspired by action movies from the 1970s. No matter where we drive, no matter where we are. what we drive or how fast we drive. We simply choose to drive.

This game offers a simpler racing experience. You can choose a reliable vehicle for your trip and then hit the road. There is no direction because the road seems endless and the player can only drive as long and as fast as he wants. However, there are obstacles to avoid in order for you to continue your journey.

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Rebel Racing

Street racing has an element of outlaws, recorded by Hutch Games in Rebel Racing and released in 2019. Although racing is the main part of the game, it is not limited to cities because of the player. can ride their cars off-road through dirt and other elements.

Set on the West Coast, players are encouraged to participate in as many races as possible to expand their vehicle collection. They will also have the option to customize their own cars as they challenge racers around the world to see who is the best.

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Need for Speed: No Limits

While Test Drive may be a popular racing game series, it has been beaten by others like EA’s Need For Speed ​​series with its mobile game Need for Speed: No Limits. Released in 2015, the title has been updated this year to keep the race fresh.

Players will participate in underground street races in many different contexts. From classic cars to sports cars, players can choose whichever model they like best and customize their looks and specifications to become the perfect racer. It is one of the large scale racing games on mobile devices that offers more than 1,000 races for players to overcome.

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