June 4, 2023

Top 3 App Store at the same time in 3 difficult markets

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The first Game Fi to reach the Top 3 App Store at the same time in 3 difficult markets

The first Game Fi to reach the Top 3 App Store at the same time in 3 difficult markets

The first Game Fi to reach the Top 3 App Store at the same time in 3 difficult markets.After launching the Big update version, Ninneko continuously received “ripe fruits” after days of trying to perfect the product. Most notably, after only 24 hours of update, Ninnkeo has climbed to the Top 3 iOS stores of the 3 harshest markets, Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil, completely surpassing other products with terrible IP in the chart.

Currently, the number of Ninneko players has also spiked by 100% compared to the original. Because in this update, there are many traditional users who have wanted to experience the product for a long time, but are still quite afraid of “GameFi”, afraid of the initial investment. So as soon as Free2Play was updated, the number of traditional players increased dramatically, especially in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil, making the Ninneko app in the top 3 of the iOS Store in these countries. The most notable are price indicators as well as trading volume. In the 24 hours after the Big Update was released, the NINO price increased by more than 30% according to the data extracted from Poocoin. These numbers have brought a lot of excitement to users, and the community is very excited.

According to a source, KOLs with a voice and reputation in the crypto world such as Colin Digits, Encrypto’d, Pera University, UP NEXT CRYPTO… in countries around the world actively contacted when they heard that Ninneko had a Big Update. . After the conversation between the development team and the KOLs, it is expected that in the near future we will receive the most honest and objective video reviews. Specifically, the majority of people find that this update changes a lot for the player experience and has completely reached GameFi 2.0. Besides, the most prestigious and prestigious newspaper in Crypto BSC Daily also tweeted to congratulate the product or BSC News also published an article praising the success of this big update.In addition, partnerships such as Coinlab, Launchzone, Xantus, Barmy, Icetea Labs … or Venture representatives also shared that this time is a good signal for Ninneko to break through this disaster because the market downturn is not small and GameFi is in the most difficult period. However, Ninneko still performed well in its role and stood firm against the storm of the market, making investors believe.

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It is known that in this update, Ninneko has released a lot of new features as well as improved limitations in the old version to bring a more complete product to users. In particular, the thing that users are most interested in is that Ninneko opened the Free to Play version and gave the Non-NFT cat to new users. Besides, Ninneko also released NFT items and allowed players to Breeding in-game as previously revealed. The updated version has really brought many interesting experiences for players.

Despite the overwhelming number of players, the Ninneko team still answered all questions and guided users to experience the features in the most thoughtful and timely manner. Not forgetting to please the users a little more, GameFi Ninneko also opened more offers when buying NFT Item buy 1 get 1 free, buy 10 get 5 free, buy 20 get 10, buy 50 get 20 super profits. After 4 hours of opening on the exchange, Ninneko has sold more than 4,000 NFT boxes and buyers are still busy. Currently, Gem has a very good score that is valued at up to 1BNB/gem.

Besides, other super attractive events combined with new updates such as Arena plays 2 teams, Magic Tree plays 2 teams, League of Legend plays 2 teams… will surely bring many surprises to gamers. .

Let’s wait for the upcoming events of GameFi Ninneko here

About Ninneko

Ninneko is an NFT role-playing game on the Binance Smart Chain platform, in which players can earn money by nurturing Ninneko – adorable Ninja Cats in a mysterious village in the deep forest and building squads to fight. Defeat enemies through PvP/PvE battles.

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