June 3, 2023

Top 10 MMORPG mobile games for Android 2022

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Top 10 MMORPG mobile games for Android 2022

Top 10 MMORPG mobile games for Android 2022

1/ Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape for Android is adapted from PC and it is optimized for mobile. The top-down view, point-and-click controls and simple gameplay make this MMO a smooth experience on mobile devices. motion.

Although the gameplay of Old School RuneScape is addictive, it is a bit outdated as it is based on the 2007 version of RuneScape.

Link game: Anroid

2/ DOFUS Touch

Like Old School RuneScape, DOFUS Touch is also adapted from PC to mobile popular MMO with many similarities with the PC version. DOFUS Touch is a free-to-play game with a tactical turn-based combat system.

If you are familiar with the PC version, you will notice that DOFUS Touch has less content. However, this does not mean that you will quickly run out of things to do. Play DOFUS Touch if you want an MMO that encourages a proactive approach to gameplay.

Link game: Android

3/ MU Origin 3

MU Origin 3 is not a particularly innovative MMO, but it is one of the oldest. One thing that sets MU Origin 3 apart from other games is the combat system.

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While the point-and-click mechanics are suitable for games like Old School RuneScape, MU Origin 3 encourages aggressive and fast-paced gameplay. MMO battles tend to range from relaxing to dull, but MU Origin 3 keeps things alive.

Link game: Android

4/ RPG Toram Online

Toram Online is a refreshingly open-ended MMO that encourages exploration and customization, and doesn’t limit you to skill tiers and explores the stunning panorama.

Toram Online doesn’t alter the classic MMO formula too much, but some unique features and smooth gameplay make it worth a try.

Link game: Android

5/ Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

The MMO features are well invested and smooth, but its graphics make this game shine. Studio Ghibli has excellently designed the characters in the game with care, making the characters look like they are in the real world.

The game also offers a rich storyline and characters along with stunning graphics. It’s a great creation that shows a well-invested mobile MMO. Experience a modern MMO that will not let you down.

Link game: Android

6/ Adventure Quest 3D

By playing a few hours a day, you will reach the maximum level within a year. You won’t find large-scale PvP battles or quests here. Instead, you will get a funny, simple and comfortable MMO.

Link game: Android

7/ Eve Echoes

Instead of finding yourself dropped into another fantasy world full of Orcs and Elves, you’re given a spaceship and told, “Good luck!” It is designed to be a “sandbox”, so you are free to experiment and explore from the start. This is a rather complicated MMO, the complete opposite of Adventure Quest.

However, for those who’ve played through Eve Online, it’s hard to recommend. It cuts out a lot of features, although playing on mobile feels great, in the mobile version has been cut out a lot. However, for those who want a fun space-themed MMO, this is a must-try.

Link game: Android

8/ Black Desert Mobile

If you are interested in graphics and visual effects, try this game. Black Desert aims for an extremely realistic look. It’s a game that looks impressive and becomes even more impressive once you start playing.

If Black Desert has a significant drawback, the graphics can be overly detailed and sometimes blurred together into a confusing mess. But when it all comes together, this is the most impressive looking game on this list.

Link game: Android

9/ Maple Story

Maple Story brings an MMORPG like the PC game series when players have to choose for themselves 1 of 5 character classes: Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop and Captain to travel in the game’s fun world.

Maple Story is a gentle entertainment game rather than a game that spends all of your mind plowing through auto. If you like a cute, easy-to-play role-playing game,  Maple Story M is the perfect choice 

Link game: Android

10/ Nova Empire: Space Commander

Battle in Nova Empire Space Commander takes place in real-time, where you are pitted against players from all over the world to dominate the galaxy. The game’s revolutionary new alliance system allows you to create a powerful alliance to fight, controlling all regions of space.

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