March 21, 2023

New Truong Sinh Quyet becomes the first online game to refund 120% KNB with VIP level

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New Truong Sinh Quyet becomes the first online game to refund 120% KNB with VIP level

New Truong Sinh Quyet becomes the first online game to refund 120% KNB with VIP level

From 10 am on September 4 to 23:59 on September 6 , blockbuster MMORPG Tan Truong Sinh Quyet will officially Closed Beta with character reset. Finally, the fragrant flowers have come to fruition, the Vietnamese gaming community is jubilant and bursting with emotions when it’s less than 24 hours to be able to paint a life of a wanderer in the world. Perfect role-playing world.

In particular, this Closed Beta is not only a gift to return, a tray full of offerings to Vietnamese gamers, but at this moment, Tan Truong Sinh Quyet Mobile has made history by becoming the first online game to be completed. pay 120% KNB loaded with VIP level in Vietnam market. The first and only – that is the unmatched position of this TOP 3 game on Tencent’s Download chart.

Returning KNB is easy 1, for distributors, returning VIP level is easy 10. Easy but no one does, or rather no one wants to do it and thinks they will do it because it directly affects revenue.

However, after many times of struggle, negotiation, and recklessly making unprecedented demands, SohaGame and New Truong Sinh Quyet have become pioneers: Pioneering to protect the maximum interests of the community. gamers, pioneering to put 2 words community on 2 words profit, pioneering with the guideline “worthy Vietnamese gamers” to bring out the best with the most extraordinary efforts.

Thus, the benefits of gamers participating in Closed Beta are as follows:

+ 120% KNB deposit refund.
+ Full refund of VIP level.
+ 3,000 KNB locked.
+ 1 rare fashion (7 days).
+ 1 rare seat (7 days).
+ Race Top receive iPhone 11 ProMax 256GB.
+ Countless gifts in kind and other valuable giftcodes.

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Ordering a partner to design a private installation and the first VIP refund mechanism in history has helped polish the name of this game quite a lot, but it has never been a prerequisite. Luong Xuan Nam, director of SohaGame Ho Chi Minh City shared:

“It is the result of a process of monitoring, analyzing and being close to the community to understand what they need, what they lack. SohaGame realizes that Vietnamese gamers have always felt resentful because the refund mechanism does not come with VIP, but because it’s been too long and too familiar, they gradually forget that they deserve it back, Tan Truong Sinh Quyet just bring what they deserve to give back to them” .

listen and understand, thereby becoming a bridge to convey those aspirations to partners fully. As long as Vietnamese gamers keep their faith, we will make endless efforts . ”

Right from the initial moves, Tan Truong Sinh Quyet has demonstrated the development roadmap towards the two words “sustainable”. No grabs, no tricks, it has been oriented by SohaGame to become a game FOR the community, of the community and built by the community.

Not being arrogant, Tan Truong Sinh Quyet sincerely shows Vietnamese gamers what they will GET when playing the game, from benefits, experiences, memories to dedicated care so that they can feel secure and attached. bundle, but write your own life.

New Truong Sinh Quyet Soha is built on community values, wants to develop long-term and nurture the community from deep within. This is a “specialty” of SohaGame with a lot of predecessor games that are too famous for the internal community such as Leaf Village Adventure, Gun Gun Mobile, Thuc Son Ky Hiep Mobile … It seems that this has also gradually become more and more popular. become a guideline, the common breath that covers the game operation of this “big” publisher.

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