June 4, 2023

Fit Boxing Fist of the North Star ~You are already thin

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Fit Boxing Fist of the North Star ~You are already thin

Fit Boxing Fist of the North Star ~You are already thin

“Fit Boxing Fist of the North Star” is a collaboration title between “Fit Boxing” and the world-famous manga “Fist of the North Star” (original: Buronson, manga: Tetsuo Hara).

Since its release in December 2018 as the first exercise game for Nintendo Switch, “Fit Boxing” has been supported by customers of all ages, regardless of gender, and has become a hit that represents the fitness genre. While maintaining the basic functions of the “Fit Boxing” series, you can enjoy exercising in the world of “Fist of the North Star”.

In the teaser video released this time, instructor Rin of the “Fit Boxing” series and Kenshiro, the main character of “Fist of the North Star” co-star. It is a bridging story between the two works.

In “Fit Boxing Fist of the North Star”, Kenshiro (CV. Katsuyuki Konishi), the main character of “Fist of the North Star”, and his nemesis will become “master instructors” and guide players. The screen production in the game is expressed in the world view of “Fist of the North Star”, and the familiar instructions in the instructor’s voice and the encouragement that held down the points, which are familiar in the “Fit Boxing” series, can only be seen here. It is a “Fist of the North Star” character version that cannot be heard. A total of 99 types of exercise menus are also implemented, and you can choose according to your mood of the day and the parts of your body that you are interested in. Learn the secrets of boxing exercises while being trained by “masters” who live at the end of the century.

“Fierce battle” mode where you become Kenshiro and defeat your nemesis

In addition to regular exercises, this game adds a new mode, “Fighting Battle”, in which the player assumes the role of Kenshiro and defeats the enemy with punches, just like in a rhythm game. Two battles are recorded, “Zako Battle” where you punch down a lot of Zako, and “Boss Battle” where you fight against Kenshiro’s nemesis, so you can enjoy exercises with enhanced action gameplay.

In the “Boss Battle”, Jagi (voiced by Yasuhiko Kawazu) and other arch-enemies who fought Kenshiro in “Fist of the North Star” will appear. In addition to normal attacks, secret techniques such as “Hokuto Rakan Geki” are also unleashed, so hit the enemy with well-timed punches and block while damaging the enemy. If a certain amount of damage is dealt, the player can also activate the mystery “Hokuto Hyakureken” and decide the finish with repeated hits. If you decide the mystery comfortably, you can enjoy an even more exhilarating feeling.

In addition to the characters who appear as instructors, there are also characters who become instructors after defeating them in the “Boss Battle”. In-game characters other than Jagi will be released sequentially on the “Fit Boxing Hokuto no Ken” official website and “Fit Boxing Hokuto no Ken” official Twitter account, so please look forward to it.

Also, during the “Fierce Battle” mode, Toki (CV. Kenyu Horiuchi), Bat (CV. Junya Enoki), and Rin (CV. Ryoko Maekawa) will appear as navigators to encourage and support the player.

“BGM” and “Costume” that further enhance the charm of “Fist of the North Star”

The BGM of this work is familiar songs such as “Take back love!!”. A total of 20 songs are recorded including songs.

It is also possible to change the costumes of the characters by exchanging the rewards (points) that can be obtained according to the play results of the exercise at the shop. Also pay attention to the original costumes only for this work.

Popular functions in the “Fit Boxing” series

Considering “exercise at home” and “continuation of daily life”, support functions such as “alarm function” and “remove weak actions” that are popular throughout the series are continued in this work. In addition to the main content, there are many productions that are typical of “Fist of the North Star”, so please enjoy them.

Twitter campaign to win original goods

To commemorate the release of “Fit Boxing Fist of the North Star”, a Twitter campaign will be held for a total of 65 people with “Kenshiro” original face towels, “Jagi” original design hangers, and Nintendo prepaid cards of 1,000 yen. For campaign details, please check the “Fit Boxing Hokuto no Ken” official Twitter account ( https://twitter.com/FitBoxingHokuto ).

We have also released a video that introduces Kenshiro and Jagi’s movements in the game, so please take a look.

What is the “Fit Boxing” series?

This is a boxing exercise game in which popular voice actors receive direct instruction from in-game instructors, who use Joy-Con™ to throw punches like a rhythm game.

Those who have played the “Fit Boxing” series for more than 30 days while managing meals in cooperation with the AI ​​meal management application “Asuken” since the release of the first series “Fit Boxing” in December 2018. Announcement of statistics on the weight loss effect of , and implementation of a joint online event with the aim of realizing a high exercise effect by combining “gym + home fitness” with the major sports club “Megalos”, five anonymous people with the same goal. Continually disseminate information so that users can make better use of the “Fit Boxing” series, such as opening an official challenge in the app “Minchalle” where they create teams and encourage each other through chat to have fun and make it a habit. Deploy to. It is a title that has received high praise, such as a series of celebrity users.

Combined with “Fit Boxing 2” released in December 2020, the total number of worldwide shipments and sales exceeded 2.3 million units in August this year. With regard to the “Fit Boxing” series, we will continue to develop various initiatives with the aim of making it a game that many people can enjoy.

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