June 3, 2023

Compassionate Rescuers Save Pregnant Cat with Vibrant Purple Fur from Certain Peril

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Yes, you read that right. Bait. Bait for fighting dogs most commonly. Also common, is the nausea that accompanies those words every time I type or read them. Because the purple fur makes it easy for disgusting humans to bet on the color of choice during the fights.

And not only did this doomed cat have to prepare for certain death in the ring, her life on the streets of Syria wasn’t that easy to begin with. Pregnancy and labor for felines can go very wrong very quickly. Even if this was not her first pregnancy, which lets’ be honest, is also not likely.

But there is a special group within the area that has made it their mission to save the needy animals in their war torn country. It was the dedicated and experienced team of Ernesto, The Cat Man of Aleppo. And happily, this extremely needy mama was recently brought to their sanctuary.

The Purple Girl Was Found Taking Refuge In A Local Printing Shop Where She Could Safely Give Birth.

They don’t mention how she escaped the life of a “bait” cat, but there she was. So they contacted Ernesto’s team who rushed right over. They were able to catch the dyed cat and get her to true safety.

She was given a full exam by the team and found to be in good health overall. Due to her temporary hue, she was given the name Violette.

Violette will remain at the sanctuary with the thousand other felines…and I’m not being sarcastic or embellishing that number at all.

That means that as soon as Violette’s babies are born, none of them need to ever worry again. Because when the animals are cared for by Ernesto’s team, you can be sure that they will get everything they need to live the good life. Violette can now be found exploring the sanctuary without a care in the world.

Please be sure to follow them on social media as they share photos and adorable happenings of the animals every day! Congrats to the team and all the animals that have a chance because of their dedication.

Without them in the world, it would surely be a blue day for all.

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