March 21, 2023

Auto game online – Poison or Poison for mobile gamers

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Auto game online – Poison or Poison for mobile gamers

Auto game online – Poison or Poison for mobile gamers

Since its official presence in Vietnam, online games have become a reliable companion to accompany gamers from life to relationships and offline. Experiencing many adventures from the PC – Mobile platform, the online role-playing game also gradually transforms and directs gamers to easier experiences with the “Auto” system. However, does Auto game online really make gamers experience better or is it destroying the basic values ​​of the game. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this mechanism with 2game.

As a mechanism developed to support players, but there is an interesting fact that auto was developed by Vietnamese gamers for the purpose of an arms race and with the least effort of “farmers”. The time when auto started to appear was when famous online games like MU, Vo Lam Truven KY exploded in Vietnam.

Initially, what gamers need are just rudimentary tools and physics to be able to click the keyboard continuously when going to farm to fight monsters. Gradually, gamers with higher computer knowledge as well as understanding of programming languages ​​have developed, so auto-supporting software runs in parallel with the game to help gamers easily skip the hedgehog process. , or farm items without sitting for hours in front of the computer.

Witnessing that development gradually, later online games such as Granados Spada (Hegemony of the World), Thien Long Bat Bo, Kiem The … All integrated auto into the game. And of course until now Auto has become an indispensable factor whether you are playing role-playing, turn-based or even tactical games… However, it is also because of the rampant self-playing. , the gamer’s experience will also be dragged down to the lowest level.

The most obvious is when you play an online game of swordplay, a certain first half on mobile. Instead of enjoying the world and experiencing for yourself to famous places to farm monsters in the old role-playing style, now everything has “auto”. As a result, instead of remembering memories like “Chengdu, Lam An, Dali we find her…”, now the only impression that gamers have about the game is just clicking auto, going to work, done. enough level work, go to fight.

It is worth mentioning that when gamers are too dependent on Auto, the publisher is also more gentle when ignoring the details of the plot as well as the interaction and environment, which are important highlights of an online open world to focus on. in developing intelligence for the game.

These experiences go on for a long time, and like a meal when you have not eaten, you are hungry, when you eat a lot, you are tired. The experience as well as the passion of gamers will gradually fade away until you completely forget how fun it was to have a childhood with a passion for online games.

In general, the Auto game online system is not inherently bad, but the way the game is developed is only seen from one side without thinking about the player’s experience, which is gradually eroding the community. And at some point, when you look back on the feeling of playing the game in the past and today, there will only be regret and memory of old teammates.

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