March 21, 2023

Another mobile game adapted from Netflix movies

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Another mobile game adapted from Netflix movies

Another mobile game adapted from Netflix movies

It is a Netflix exclusive game based on the television series Shadow and Bone. Inspired by books penned by Leigh Bardugo, this franchise will soon give fans even more ways to immerse themselves in the exciting vast fantasy world with the upcoming narrative RPG title. eye.

Shadow and Bone: Destinies will feature lifelike elements as players traverse the Grisaverse and make important choices along the way. This new title is part of the upcoming Netflix games that subscribers can soon access without ads and at no extra cost.

Although not much information has been revealed, it can be certain that with the narrative role-playing gameplay, players will stick to the development content of the original version. If you do not know, the Shadow and Bone series is based on the YA (young adult) novel trilogy of the same name.

The center of the series is the fictional land of Ravka (can be considered fictional Russia) divided by a dark boundary called the Dark Abyss. The place is filled with bloodthirsty monsters and the only means of overcoming is a special type of boat. But whether to be attacked or not depends on the luck of the passengers.

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This land still exists Grishas who possess special abilities. For a whole century, they were the only force that could defend themselves, protecting others in the Abyss. One day, they discover Alina Starkov – a virtually invisible cartographer who possesses the power of light. She is the holder of the destiny to dispel the Abyss and unify Ravka. But the Dark Lord (Darling) wants to use her power to amplify the Abyss until it swallows everything.

With two storylines involving teenage heroes and the Crows, players can expect dramatic confrontations, challenging quests, and social-themed fantasy stories. very engaging community.

If you want to give it a try, Shadow and Bone: Destinies will be available soon on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Netflix subscribers.

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