March 21, 2023

Ancient Sword Ky Dam – From a successful offline game to a top-notch online game

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Ancient Sword Ky Dam - From a successful offline game to a top-notch online game

Ancient Sword Ky Dam - From a successful offline game to a top-notch online game

In recent days, information about Co Kiem Ky Dam about Vietnam has attracted a lot of attention from the gaming community because it is one of the hottest and quality online titles in China today, while in our country. There hasn’t been a new and quality 3D MMORPG coming out in years.

In Vietnam, the name Co Kiem Ky Dam is very familiar through the Chinese TV series of the same name that used to be very hot with a cast of beautiful boys and girls like Duong Mich (Phong Tinh Tuyet), Ly Dich Phong (Bach Thien Hue). Ly Do To) or Trinh Sang (Tuong Linh)…. As for those who often play copyrighted offline games, Co Kiem Ky Dam is a name that has received a lot of attention.

In 2010, Aurogon released Ancient Sword Ky Dam (Swords of Legends, GuJian) ​​for PC via Steam. This is the first Chinese game where the main characters are fully voiced. The game at that time received a warm reception from gamers and critics. One of the points that many people enjoy is the cinematic cutscenes.

In 2013, the second game was released and it continues to receive a warm reception from players. The latest game in this series, Co Kiem Ky Dam 3, was released in the last year of 2018 and still it continues to receive the same high praise from gamers and critics as the previous two parts, even the game is compared to other games. Compare and evaluate as The Witcher 3 of Asia.

Before the love of international gamers, in 2019, the NSX side also added English subtitles to the game. This product by mid-2020 has sold up to 1.3 million copies. In Vietnam, there are many people who love this game series, even they together Vietnameseize all 3 versions to make it easier for other players to experience.

Back to Ancient Sword Ky Dam Online, the game has been developed by Aurogon since 2014 after the success of the 2 previously released offline game versions. Therefore, the game inherits many achievements and quintessence of the two products that have been released, as well as the developer applies more advanced technologies in the production process.

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The game has beautiful graphics like an offline game. The plot is invested with many cinematic cutscene scenes, making the process of discovering the stories in the game more interesting, unique and engaging.

In addition to the elements of the usual MMORPG, Ancient Sword Ky Dam Online also incorporates quite unique open world elements. When entering the beginner stage, players are free to do what they like without being constrained or forcing gamers to perform any linear activities or tasks.

In the Chinese market, right from the early stage when Co Kiem Ky Dam Online conducted the tests, it received very high praise from experts.

In 2015, the game won the Best Online Game of the Year award at the Kim Duc Awards ceremony. In 2016, at the Golden Plume Award – an award known as the Oscar of the Chinese gaming industry, Co Kiem Ky Tan Online was honored to receive the award for the best adapted online game.

At the 2016 China Game Industry Annual Conference, the game was rated as one of the top 10 most anticipated games in 2017. In October 2020, at a conference organized by Baidu APP and Baijiahao chaired by 17173, Ancient Sword Ky Tan was honored to receive the award for the most popular online game in China.

As can be seen, Co Kiem Ky Dam Online is a top-notch 3D MMORPG and has been tested in a market of more than 1.4 billion people. The fact that this product has been successfully brought to Vietnam is a very good thing for the Vietnamese game village.

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