March 21, 2023

Add 7 more new online games to Vietnamese gamers at the end of June

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Add 7 more new online games to Vietnamese gamers at the end of June

Add 7 more new online games to Vietnamese gamers at the end of June

KOF AllStar VNG – Quyen Vuong Chien belongs to the genre of mobile card game that inherits a massive cast of characters from genuine SNK products. Join the game you need to collect for yourself the boxers to form the strongest 6-person squad.

Although it is a general card game, the role-playing element is also evident when the characters all have their own strength stats and skill sets. In addition, players can also wear equipment or upgrade products, upgrade skills for their characters at will.



Fantasy Kingdom M is built on a sharp 3D platform with character creation that combines two drawing styles, fanciful Fantasy and vivid chibi. This combination gives the game a completely separate color compared to other products of the same genre.

In addition to the graphics and character system, the PvE and PvP features are noteworthy, creating the attraction for Fantasy KingDom M. The PK system in and between the servers of this game is extremely diverse 1vs1, 3vs3 , 15vs15, Cong Thanh Chien, Gods of Sunset, Guild War, etc. Besides, gamers also have the opportunity to hunt Boss for items by the diverse and fair Boss hunting system and have its own boss for VIP.



Football King is a football management mobile game with the brand authorization and license to use the player database, the tournament from  the World Association of Professional Footballers  (FIFPro) and the support of the coach. Pep Guardiola member  of the Manchester City club.

Joining the game you will experience the dream of running your own football club by creating all the activities from basic, advanced to professional operation just like real life.

Of course, in each match, players will be able to watch the players compete with a professional 2D and 3D simulation system. Thereby, depending on the situation on the field, you can make important decisions such as changing tactics, making substitutions, appointing free kick players and cheering for players.


3D Beast – June 20, 2020

Beast 3D is a mobile game genre pet fighting standard Pokemon image. Players will have to find and collect the most powerful Pokemon to add to their 6-person squad. At the same time, through fostering, it will help Pokemon evolve to new levels with different shapes and powers.

The images in the game are inspired by many versions of Pokemon cartoons that have been wildly successful in the past. Along with that, there are many new details such as the combat mechanism that applies a unique QTE form. At this point in the battle taking place in a time-based style, you also have to align the tap rhythm on the target to create a combo attack for your Pet array.


THE MOST JIANG HO – June 18, 2020

Nhat Mong Giang Ho  is a 3D role-playing mobile game adapted from the famous TV series Dai Tong Thieu Nien Chi on the Chinese screen. In the game, there is no specific sect, but it provides many different types of weapons such as Sword, Dai Dao, Spear, Crossbow, Fan, Quyen, Con, Song Hoan, ..with each style comes with a set of martial arts. , a specialized implementation method.

This game also does not focus on building the usual martial arts sect, but aims to fully recreate the set of the Eight Boards of martial arts. It is known that this is the term used to refer to the 18 basic weapons in the Chinese martial arts teaching system.


Epoch of Legends – June 16, 2020

The Age of Legends builds a 3D MMORPG world with a fantasy Western fantasy setting. The game focuses on the traditional targeting/spam skill combat mechanism, accompanied by a variety of quest sequences, copies and battlefield activities for you to practice leveling up.

It is worth mentioning that the game will not have a specific character class, but instead a male and female character type for you to choose from. Of course, in the process of that experience and discovery, you will unlock more active, passive, and gifted skills based on 35 additional functions to help foster the character. 


FRIENDSHIP 2 MOBILE – June 15, 2020

Thien Nu 2 Mobile  is the successor from the success of Thien Nu Mobile developed by NSX NetEase Games. More prominent than the first version developed with 2.5D graphics technology, Thien Nu 2 VNG will be applied with new imaging technology – Next Generation.

In addition to the terrible graphics element, the game quickly attracted the attention of the community by 11 Sects possessing 23 types (without gender lock) and legendary role-playing gameplay systems such as Federation Battlefield, Free Trade. , Team Overcoming Stages, Boss Hunting Picking Up Unlocked Items, Inter-Server PK, Auto Following, Freedom For Competition… and Giving Birth.

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