March 21, 2023

5 reasons why Ancient Sword KY Dam becomes the most worth-trying PC game

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5 reasons why Ancient Sword KY Dam becomes the most worth-trying PC game

5 reasons why Ancient Sword KY Dam becomes the most worth-trying PC game

Free Blockbuster

When present in Taiwan, the game was well received and when the English version of the game was released on the Steam platform, even the most demanding gamers in the West were in awe. Players in Vietnam will face many obstacles if they want to experience this product, in addition to language differences and unstable transmission, this is also a game that charges fees to play in other countries. Even the English version is being sold for up to 40 USD on Steam. But all those barriers have been removed, when NPH Doze game is releasing this game completely free in Vietnam. So why have you not experienced the product that gamers around the world are appreciating?

No Pay – To – Win

Players are bored with just reloading to be able to claim with equipment and weapons that are superior to players who do not load when playing online games in Vietnam. But in Ancient Sword KY Dam Online, the Pay to Win factor does not exist. Fashions and mounts are things that you can buy when you recharge the game and they only make you more sparkling, not increase the strength of the character. All equipment and weapons can be earned through the game’s activities, so if you want to be better than people, you need to hone and improve your fighting skills. No pay – To – Win, Ancient Sword KY Dam Online is a game of success or failure in skill

Top notch Graphics

It is considered by experts and gamers to be the most beautiful PC game Tien Hype ever released in Vietnam. Ancient Sword Ky Tan is a perfect artistic masterpiece created by artists in the world of Chinese art, culture and sculpture. Along with that, the combination of Engine Vision technology platform has helped Co Kiem Ky Dam own graphic quality not inferior to other super products.

Ancient Sword Ky Dam will leave you impressed with its flexible and creative customization capabilities. Every little detail on the face to the appearance can be adjusted, allowing you to create any character to your liking. Not only that, Co Kiem Ky Dam also built up a real world that is no different from the movies. Plants, flowers, animals, people… are all designed to be impressive in every detail. Engine Vision also allows showing environmental effects, weather, lighting, contrast or transition between day and night clearly. Especially the ability to interact with vivid physics between the environment and the player such as the movements of plants through each move or the impact of the character.

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Fashion Fashion

Ancient Sword Ky Dam will definitely make fashion lovers headache by too many choices. Not to mention the game’s costumes are meticulously designed to every detail and give a very high level of realism. Written by a famous folk handicraft artist in the Chinese contemporary art world – Cui Xin, along with a quality graphic background, Gu Jian Qi Tan’s fashion is added with shimmering effects. , Stunning. The movement of the costume according to each character’s actions is always shown smoothly and honestly. Stylist Pong Chuan once commented, “ I can immerse myself all day in the game’s fashion store because of the game’s variety as well as the game’s ability to mix and match, which can help Pong Chuan himself to create costumes. great costume, put into practice”.

Varied Gameplay

In favor of player skills is the main, so Ancient Sword Ky Dam does not bind you in a fixed way of playing. This is also the first game in Vietnam to clearly delineate PvP, PvE and PvX playing styles. If you are a PK lover, show your PK level and level at PVP activities such as: 1vs1, 10vs10, 15vs15 or participate in ranking matches at Minh Phung Luan Kiem in the form of 3vs3 and 5vs5. The copies of Ancient Sword Ky Dam are also diverse and rich with Normal and Hard levels for you to choose to try according to your ability.

One of the most favorite activities of Co Kiem Ky Dam today is the Tien Phu construction feature, where you can build yourself a house like that. For those who are artistically gifted, they can freely express their favorite music through Cam Ngoc activities. If you want to have moments of leisure and relaxation, try your patience with fishing activities or return to your childhood with legendary games such as planting bombs, digging treasures, etc.

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