March 21, 2023

3 basic character classes in MU Origin VN

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3 basic character classes in MU Origin VN

3 basic character classes in MU Origin VN

Gamers can experience more than 10 types of daily missions and various sub-types in the game. At the same time, the free PK feature for gamers can freely express themselves to bring extremely interesting experiences.

However, to experience those interesting features, you need to choose for yourself a purebred character class to conquer the game!

1/ Warrior: Almost all RPG-style games, this Warrior character is the most used. Because it has high damage skills, melee combat, masters in all situations and is always the first volunteer.

In fact, in MU Origin VN, this Warrior class is not called super strong because many players do not appreciate his Pk ability at first and it is very difficult to train. Even if they are promoted to Gladiators or Knights, they still have the same drawback that they are easy to die in crowded battles, and the ability to accumulate damage is not great. In return, the Warrior still has the advantage of a lot of blood, buffalo armor, and good defense.

2/ Mage:  In general, of the 3 basic characters of MU Origin VN, each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. Because the system has been optimized and created a balance, no character class is stronger or weaker, and the Mage is no exception. However, the majority of MU Origin VN players ahead still like to practice this character class with good plowing ability, high hunting rate, and above all, the level of hitting the population is the most optimal in the game. In return, the mage has mid-range defense, low health, so it is easy to die when the enemy approaches or surrounds him.

3/ Archers: Back in the modern mobile version of MU Origin VN, the skills of the Archer class are very popular among players. With good long-range attack ability, the level of bleeding the enemy is first class with high critical damage, along with the ability to withstand and dodge is also a big advantage for the Bow class. player. So whether PK hand-to-hand or group attack, the Archer class still confidently completes its mission, which is to finish the enemy. However, that is not to say that Archers are not without weaknesses. Because of how strong the Archer is, the health is still relatively low, the ability to withstand repeated attacks is not high, so it is easy to die when the opponent continuously puts damage on him in a short time.

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