June 2, 2023

10 online games have reached Vietnamese gamers in the past week

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10 online games have reached Vietnamese gamers in the past week

10 online games have reached Vietnamese gamers in the past week

Participating in the game you will be role-playing in 1 of 3 sects including Thien Son, Wudang and Thien Vuong with beautiful ancient shapes. Here you can travel everywhere, explore every place to find the gods, the famous skills of the world. Using these treasures in combination with other fostering abilities will help the character quickly rise significantly to the threshold of strength.


Goddess MUA

Instead of dividing into classes like many other online role-playing games, Goddess MUA Mobile game only allows 2 male or female gender options. In return, you can customize your hair color, hairstyle, outfit, and accessories to express your own personality.

Besides, what makes players really fascinated is the 3D graphics of Japanese manga. From the scene to the character creation, the Boss, the mount, etc., are displayed in a subtle and amazingly beautiful way through the 360-degree rotating viewing angle and top-notch image quality. Players will enjoy the action role-playing gameplay specializing in boss killing with many unique and interesting content to satisfy all tastes of gamers who love this game series.


Rohan M

Rohan M is a great mobile game from the land of Kim Chi with traditional PC-style role-playing gameplay but with extremely polished graphics. In the game, the graphic effects and scenes are detailed to bring the most beautiful adventure experiences for you to feel.

Accordingly, the game possesses almost all the necessary features and activities of an MMORPG that specializes in plowing and exchanging items or PK freely for you to explore for hours without getting bored. Even in this mobile game, you can also make weapons and equipment that are extremely expensive.

Van Mong Four Times Ca

Van Mong Tu Thoi Ca  not only owns a 3D image packed with fine art, but also brings a turn-based role-playing game that is slightly better than NetEase Games’ super product, Onmyouji. The game paints a magical world full of magic, but there is no shortage of interesting and challenging things for you to explore.

In terms of gameplay, Van Mong Tu Thoi Ca Mobile is not much different in terms of image as well as gameplay nature compared to the super product Yin Yang Su Mobile that was released 3 years ago. It is to collect the strongest spirits from the 3 tribes of Love – Minh – Human, and assemble them into a 6-person battle formation to optimize the strength of each character. Then gradually upgrade and develop their abilities to overcome the clones and compete with other players.


Fairy Sword Ky Duyen 3D

Tien Kiem Ky Duyen 3D  belongs to the MMORPG genre with a fanciful fairy tale theme with beautiful 3D graphics, easy to attract players by the context, character creation to a massive feature store. However, before embarking on this endless path of eliminating demons, you need to choose one of the 6 great sects including Lang Van, Thuong Thanh, Thien Cang, Tram Tram, Photo received and Fantasy dance with each person a unique look. completely different.

Tien Kiem Ky Duyen 3D Gamota is also especially impressive when it owns features that are familiar with the online role-playing game series such as Three Realms of War, Boss hunting picnic, PK Arena, … and a series of community activities. The community that any gamer is interested in such as getting married, forming a state, Tien Mon war, etc. All promises to be an interesting land for gamers who love to show their strength and prove their ability. Your chance to shine!


Six Circuits Divine Sword 3D

Luc Mach Than Sword 3D brings surrealistic wandering experiences to players when possessing super sharp 3D graphics, super quality gameplay combined with countless eye-catching martial arts effects from his swordplay series. writer Kim Dung.

Accordingly, participating in this online game you will be able to join one of the 5 great sects, namely Murong, Shaolin, Minh Giao, Duong Mon and Tieu Dao with dozens of martial arts secrets like Giang Long Thap. Bat Chuong, Nhat Duong Chi, Cuu Duong Than Cong, Cuu Yin Chan Kinh, Tich Ta Kiem Pho. In combat, you are also allowed to freely change martial arts, each martial art possesses different skills that create unpredictable changes in PK.


Dream Fantasy Tu Tien

Dream Fantasy Tu Tien Mobile  fully simulates the cultivation process from the most primitive levels of Qi Refining to transcending Mahayana and reaching the level of a fairy. And in the process of transcending the realm of the human race, you will discover a vast treasure of Mind Dharma.

On the other hand, the path to immortality will now be diversified as much as possible, players “draw” themselves “untouchable” breakthrough directions to become champions. Especially, the mobile game Dream Fantasy Tu Tien also offers many different sets of Fairy Dresses, each of which will increase many points of Core, True Qi, Body and Body.


Three Kingdoms Unparalleled 3D

Three Kingdoms Wu Song 3D belongs to the online role-playing game genre specializing in overcoming boss battles set in the familiar Three Kingdoms. With a vivid q-style shape, the action-packed gameplay promises to bring an exciting experience to Vietnamese gamers.

Besides, the game also owns top-notch graphics platform, reproduces beautiful PK screens but is optimized to provide a smooth experience on all mobile configurations. From there, you can freely plow hoes, cut and slash for hours without worrying about overheating or running out of battery fast


Five Great Flowers

Hoa Son Ngu Tuyet  belongs to the genre of vertical screen card battle mobile game with the content revolving around the famous martial arts secret sets and famous martial arts masters in the Kim Dung story.

Participating in this online game, players will be transported back to the era of the main swordsmanship playing the role of a Heroic Hero or Daughter to start his wandering journey. Here you will have the opportunity to meet and recruit countless more famous Knights and Masters in the martial arts to establish yourself a 6-person combat team. Also in this game, players will experience the feeling of running in an interesting swordplay style.

Searching for Customers Ca Ca

Swordsman Ca Ca  belongs to the 3D MMORPG genre with martial arts themes with character shapes built in a funny chibi style. Accordingly, the game opens up a Gypsy scene that is both familiar and strange, accompanied by each martial arts skill that is also meticulously elaborated by NSX Game, bringing high sharp effects.

Especially for gamers who like to change the wind about a new type of martial arts game, Swordsman Ca Ca Mobile is a good choice. Specifically, the game has a rich sect system, each person possesses a different ability to develop later, thereby opening up many unique fighting styles for players to explore.

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